State Profiles

3 2.55.37 PMStrategic Benchmarking in Your State

Your challenge: Understand your firm’s Phase I activity compared to other’s in your state.

OUR SOLUTION: ScoreKeeper State Profiles

You’re looking for an edge in a market that just gets more competitive. You need data to help you answer high-level strategic questions like this:

  • “Our company has a slow quarter.  Was it us or was everybody in California down?”
  • “Is our firm positioned in the regions of the U.S. that are currently in a growth phase?”
  • “We are thinking of opening an office in orange county, but does the market trend line support that decision?”

Data. Insight. Analysis. Planning. Our subscribers use our State Profiles to review Phase I ESA activity by metro and county, compare state activity to U.S. averages and explore market health barometers like concentration, top performing metros and more.