About ScoreKeeper

Our Advantage

We are the only firm that tracks property due diligence trends in the U.S. For more than two decades, we have tracked data on more than 50 million site assessments in the U.S. market. EDR’s ScoreKeeper uses output from our ScoreKeeper™ model, the proven market monitor for the environmental due diligence industry. EDR clients routinely rely on ScoreKeeper tools for strategic intelligence on Phase I environmental site assessment activity, with detail provided by region, state, metropolitan area—or customized reports for their individual firm. Leading environmental consulting firms that perform Phase I ESAs subscribe to ScoreKeeper™ data for answers for reliable quantitative time-series metrics on their performance, an analysis of their competitive position in the market and geographic detail on Phase I ESA markets across the U.S.

Our mission is to provide firms with actionable data to help them better understand their market, their competitive position and where they should be focusing.

About Our Model 

Property due diligence is conducted prior to commercial property transactions, and the output from EDR’s ScoreKeeper model is recognized as a reliable indicator of geographic hot spots for commercial property investment. The recent shift from the safe havens of primary metros to secondary and tertiary markets was reflected in ScoreKeeper’s 2014 metrics. EDR’s model is updated monthly reflecting property due diligence activity in all 50 states. We model all 50 states down to a county level, as well as tracking trends on a regional basis and for the 100 largest commercial real estate metros in the country.